Wednesday 9 November 2022

City by David Macaulay

My latest charity shop find is this book by David Macaulay called CITY - the story of Roman planning and construction which I picked up earlier this week for just £1.49.

The beautifully illustrated book has loads of black and white sketches showing everything from simple farm structures and road building techniques to huge temples.

I'm looking forward to choosing a couple to model.



Peter Douglas said...

I remember that book from my teenage years. Lots of inspiration. Enjoy!

WQRobb said...

I loved his "Castle" and "Cathedral" books, as well as his parody "Motel of the Mysteries"

tim said...

LOVED David Macauly's books as a kid. I spend days pouring over all the fine little details in Castle and pretty much kept it out from the library as much as I could and would return it and then take it out again the next week.

As an adult I own all of them and read them with my own kids, and now that they're all grown up, I still love looking through them!