Thursday 21 September 2023

The New 1/35th scale Narrow Gauge Layout - part two

Following on from my earlier post showing some of my initial sketches, I thought it was time I gave some more details of the planning process and the work so far.

Image - 1 (above) 

Shows another layout plan/sketch this time on a rectangular base rather than the 'banjo' design featured in the earlier post.

Image - 2

I have used a piece of wallpaper to draw out the design full size. At the same time, I played about with the Inglenook design using the eight 1/35th scale, scratch built wagons. I plan on using the 5-3-3 Inglenook (see this link) so made sure I had enough room for the engine and wagons to fit the three sidings.

Image - 3 

I will be using two IKEA LACK tables that I have stored in the garage. Each table is 55 cms x 55 cms giving me a shelf layout 55 cms x 110 cms which should be plenty big enough and easily transportable.

Image - 4

The two LACK tabletops have been glued together and I have inserted wooded strips into holes on the joined side to give additional strength - I can confirm that the join is true, strong and does not add that much weight to the baseboard.

I'm not planning a quick build, I just don't have the time for that but I will update the Blog as and when there are developments. 

Finally I should comment on the colours! I already have a white LACK and a secondhand blue LACK table in the garage and once they are decorated you won't see any of the blue or the white for that matter.


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