Wednesday 4 October 2023

Some long lost bits of clutter

Regular readers of this Blog will know that I have in the past produced a number of masters to be produced in resin. One of my favourite parts of finishing these masters is to add odd bits of 'clutter' to the bases - barrels, sacks and wheels are the most common.

Yesterday I was presented with a couple of bags of bits - the masters from nearly ten years ago. I thought about having them once again cast in resin, but I already have a pile of such bits and I think I will use them on future terrain builds.

The fist image shows a range of mushrooms and fungi which I modelled for the fantasy game Panzerfauste from Steve Blease. I have already used some of the resin models on pieces of Burrows & Badgers terrain.

The second image shows a whole range of different barrels which I have sculpted and once again I will be using them on new wargame terrain builds.

The final image is a photograph of more bits - jugs and urns. 

Thank you Rob. They will be well used.


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