Wednesday 19 June 2024

Morgan Three Wheeler - part nine

Following on from the earlier post I waited 24 hours for the Tamiya British Racing Green to fully dry before I airbrushed the whole model with Galleria matt varnish. I had seen that early Morgans were more likely to have a satin finish than a gloss one and the Galleria varnish gave the perfect finish I was looking for.

I used the Thayer & Chandler airbrush that I had picked up at the Malvern Flea Market - see this post for more details and it worked perfectly when applying the varnish.

The Morgan body shell was then weathered by adding subtle rust spots and some fading. I used acrylic paints for the rust and oil paint for the fading. In addition I have used watercolour pencils for the scratches seen in the Bonham's auction site images that I am using as reference.

I am well aware that some might think it sacrilege to weather such a rare model, but using the Bonham's auction site for Morgan CHP 68 has meant that I have a true representation of an original Morgan Super Sports to work from and I have enjoyed the challenge of trying to copy an original rather than a pristine model.


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