Monday, 25 January 2010

Andreas Press

I was recently lucky enough to be lent two books from Andreas Press (Andreas Miniatures), the first is Bireme, a card-back book that details the development and history of the Roman Bireme warship and the building of a 1/32nd scale sea-scape diorama featuring a Roman Bireme ramming a Carthaginian warship.

For me this was a fantastic read, and pure 'eye candy', the book is full of information about these early warships and the section on modelling and painting the diorama is just fantastic. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in modelling, painting miniatures or scratch-building. Ten out of ten.

Please note the copy I was lent is the English edition and not the Spanish one as illustrated below.

The second Andreas Press book was even more 'jaw-dropping' a hard-backed book detailing the history and development of the German U-Boat called Das Boot.

Once again the pages are full of photographs and illustrations showing the history of submarines and the development of the different classes of German U-boats, then the second half details the building of a 1/32nd scale diorama featuring a Type VII C in dry-dock, being repaired and re-stocked for another tour of the Atlantic.

If the Bireme book interests you, then this one will really impress you, a diorama that features as its main part a huge 1/32nd scale U-Boat, but also features a dry dock, a section of French dockside, a railway, a mine store and even a scratch-built tug. Once again ten out of ten.

The book I was lent was the English edition and not the Spanish one featured in this illustration.

Full details are;
Bireme (2004) - from Andreas Press. ISBN 84-96527-13-1 and
Das Boot (2002) - from Andreas Press. ISBN 84-96527-03-4

Both books and others are available from a number of model book specialists, but can be seen on the official Andreas Miniatures site (catalogue/publications) at;

I have in my personal collection a number of Andreas Press books, each one a great read, full of beautiful illustrations and in most cases, step-by-step/work-in-progress shots.


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Steve said...

Ordered a copy of Bireme off Amazon Tony. Thanks for the heads up...