Sunday, 24 January 2010

Flintloque Buildings Set part twelve

As I come to the end of this particular project - I feel it would be worth repeating the reason behind this set. I wanted to produce a Flintloque themed set of terrain that could be cast in resin and sold via Grand Manner. The three buildings can be used either as individual buildings or combined as a single larger feature piece. In addition and following comments on this Blog plus personal e-mails I have also modeled a bell tower which can be used on the roof of the main building, adding even more variety and 'game-ability'.

It is also worth repeating that there is no official connection between these models, Grand Manner or myself with Alternative Armies, the producer of Flintloque/Slaughterloo.

Photo One - Shows the completed 'masters' - the main building, tower and 'lean-to' out-building.

You will also notice that the bases of each building have been reduced to allow the three buildings to sit closer to one another with less of a gap between them (see earlier posts).

Photo Two - The finished Main Building with the separate bell tower.

Photo Three - A photo showing the internal detail of the main building, a tiled floor, plastered walls and barrels.

Photo Four - Detail of the main door and entrance. I wanted to model a more decorative and solid door.

Photo Five - All seven pieces, showing the three main buildings, the three removable roofs and the (new) bell tower.

The masters will be with Grand Manner next week and once I have a finished resin casting I will post a photo.

The Limited Edition, resin model sets should be available for early February and via this Blog, my personal e-mail at;

or Grand Manner at;

The cost is £70.00 per set.

On a personal note, I wanted to thank all followers and personal e-mailers for the messages of support and orders. This has been a long-planned modelling project that I have wanted to produce for quite some time. Now that it is finished I am very pleased with the final result and even more pleased that it will be put into production as a resin set. I now look forward to painting a set (or two) and seeing the terrain on a Flintloque/Slaughterloo wargame table.

Once again - thank you for all the support during this project.


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Rob Alderman said...

Hey Tony,

excellent buildings. Looks like I'm gonna have to save up my pennies for these as I cannot resist. I hope they sell well, but not so well that I don't have time to save what little money I have!

Cheers fella