Thursday, 18 February 2010

Flintloque Dwarf Ulhans - part three

After searching the Internet for inspiration, I have decided that I am just as well, 'making up' a uniform colour for these Dwarf Uhlans (dismounted and blunderbuss armed Dwarf Uhlans! - I'll have great fun making up a back-story for this regiment.)

Photo One - Shows in detail the jacket colour, a pale, blue-grey. I used a Rackhams Color Steel Grey (044) which was lightened with Vallejo Game Color Dead White.

Photo Two and Three - The jacket colour was built up from a 60% RC Steel Grey - 40% GC Dead White base, then with additional, progressive layers which were lightened with Dead White. Its a strange colour, which appears much 'bluer' in these photos than on the actual figures.

Photo Four and Five - Although these two photos look the same, there are subtle differences (honest). Each miniature has now had their trousers painted - Dark Blue base, lightened with Royal Blue for highlights, but this is hardly seen on any of the figures.

In addition the cuffs of the bare handed Dwarf are painted Dark Red or Crimson. I started with GW Scab Red and built up through GW Red Gore and finally highlighted with GW Blood Red.

I was reading a Wiki entry that stated that Uhlans usually ware coloured sashes. I have painted white sashes on to three of the Dwarves (three of the four pictured in the upper photo), as these are the only three figures that you can see sashes on. The sashes were built-up using a (very) small amount of GW Chaos Black and GC Dead White, highlighting with pure GC Dead White.

I am not keen on the Rackhams Color paints - I find them too thick and the small cube-shape bottles tend to deliver too much paint at a time on my (ring bound, notebook) palette. I bought the Rackhams paints while visiting Scotland in 2007 for less than £1.00 per bottle, and tend to use them for terrain painting rather than figure painting. Saying all that - I feel that the lighter or pale grey uniform colour is in stark contrast to the very dark Krautian Guard miniatures that are featured elsewhere on this Blog.


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Rob Alderman said...

They look great mate.
Yeah, make it up. I look forward to you rbackground!
I'd love to try the R paints, they looked like they had a lot of good pastel tones.