Saturday, 6 February 2010

Foul Mouth Freddy for Flintloque part two

As promised in my earlier post - here is a photo of the work-in-progress on Freddy, old Foul Mouth Freddy. I would say the miniature is about 95% complete, with just a little bit of detail work to complete.

I am confident that this character - an invention of both my imagination and an old family friend plus the central figure in the Advent Calendar scenario - Foul Mouth Freddy Spikes the ***ing Gun will be cast as a limited edition miniature by Alternative Armies very soon.

It is my intention to write some additional scenarios and back-story for Freddy in the future.



Rob Alderman said...


Good show old bean, bloomin' wonderous.

You have done a lot of work to the musket! Any reason why? Not that it's a problem. I like the shako design... Might have to design a unit around that!

I look forward to buying it!

I believe there's some VLE's coming out soon though. Not totally sure.


Tony said...

Thank Rob,

The mini is now finished and I would expect it to be posted to AA early next week. It's been fun having a sculpting project rather than building buildings!

I nearly always do extra work to the musket/flintlock as the original AA guns are so (so very) fragile. The first thing I do is thicken up the stock and barrel, then try to re enforce the area near the end of the gun. I was tempted to remove the bayonet, but decided to model it intact and give the painter the option of removing it.

The Shako design was taken from an Internet search - see;

I added some bumps 'n' bruises and a torn top to give interest.

The shako was sculpted in three steps, a (very) rough blob, then adding 'green stuff' to get the shape and finally more 'gs' to finish.

It's been fun and I know that it's not a totally new sculpt - more like a conversion or modification, but this is what I feel comfortable with - rather than new sculpts!

Finally, I'll keep the Blog informed of when to expect it to be ready for sale, thanks for these comments and the earlier ones - without your prompting I may not have gone ahead with this little project.


Tony said...

Sorry - final (final) point.

I didn't want a straight copy of the original Foul Mouth Freddy sculpt. I think this miniature is similar enough without being an exact copy.

I think it works and like you I look forward to getting FMF MKII LE and adding it to my collection.


Rob Alderman said...

Yes, yes, all sounds good. I thought that might be why you made the musket bigger.
I generally do the shako as one shape then detail it, but that might be laziness!

Good that it isn't exactly the same, gives you a chance to improve on it as well.

Conversions and Modifications are fine! Most of Mike's old sculpts were built up from parts!
I'm really glad you did take it up, the sculpt looks excellent and I sure hope to see more of your fine handiwork!