Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Cemetery Gate - a piece of terrain

The Cemetery Gate is one of my favourite pieces of Flintloque themed terrain. It has appeared in many of my photos as a backdrop, but I feel it deserves more.

The inspiration came from a pair of resin pen barrels which were bought for me many years ago at the Disney Store in Paris. For some time I was not sure how I was going to use the Gargoyle topped pens, but eventually settles on cutting of the lower pen barrels and mounting them on to balsawood/plastic card gate posts and into a small, plain cemetery wall.

The walls are pieces of 6mm MDF and the additional detail, more thick plastic card and some Citadel skulls and spikes. the green painted gates are plastic card and the 'clutter' a resin barrel and a metal wagon wheel. The Ferach (French) flag is modelled from Milliput.

This pair of photos show some work-in-progress shots.

A very atmospheric piece of terrain that goes well with both Witchlands and Catalucian campaigns. It was very easy to construct, taking just a couple of evenings.

I keep meaning to add more pieces of themed terrain to this Blog, however I have very few work-in-progress shots to show the development.



Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Cool stuff!


Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

Really cool gate, everything is working great: weathering, colours, flag. Brilliant!

Ray Rousell said...

Very Effective modelling!!