Thursday, 28 April 2011

Convair 1186-C

I recently came across an article over on Aircraft Resource Center written by Dan Swiersz. For full details and a great read go to this link and check out Thursday , Apr 28 2011 1/48th scale scratch-built KRAKEN.

This image is from the Jared A. Zickek book Secret Aerospace projects of the US Navy and shows the Convair 1186-C on the front cover.

This second image was taken from ARC and shows the finished model. It really is a fantastic beast!


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dswiersz said...


Thanks for the kind words and mentioning my model in your blog. Because of the original article on ARC I was able to meet Jared, we both live in San Diego. Jared has his own web site Jared took a few additional photos and added some more content regarding the 1186-c. Check it out on his website.

Thanks again, Dan