Friday 8 April 2011

Re-cycled Material for Modelling

I am sure that other readers would have come across a similar experience. This week I was given this box of wood veneers in the hope that I could find a use for them in my hobby. Oh Boy - it was like Christmas and my birthday had come at once! A box full of modelling material that I was immediately imagining as ship decks, roof tiles or wagon sides. The real benefit was that they came in different thickness's.

To give some idea of just how much there was, I have included this second image of the pieces stored in a used Cider case. I estimate that there are at least 100 separate pieces in four of five grades. I am sure that pieces will find there way into future models and similarly that some of the stock will be re-distributed amongst model-making friends. Real re-cycling!

I have many more stories of how I have had donations given to me of what at first looks and seems like rubbish, but with a modellers eye these pieces of spare plastic sign, ex-lipstick containers or aerosol can lids soon become something much more interesting.

Thank you Ivor,



DJ Kettlety said...

It's great when other people take your hobby seriously. I have people at work saving their coffee sticks for me, and from time to time someone will hold up something and ask what I could do it.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with this bundle.

Ray Rousell said...

Great stuff & very handy, I emptied a metal bin at work the other day. Someone had thrown out over 100 foot long metal rods, that I can use for 25mm pikes or flagpoles, the fact that I don't really need any at the moment is quite irrelevant, I was still chuffed at my find!!