Tuesday 4 September 2012

My Way by Henri Lion

Earlier today while visiting Worcester I picked up this little gem from the Oxfam Book Store. First published in 1977 by The Soldier Centre, Massachusetts the 80 page booklet gives details of how to prepare and paint model soldiers.

My Way is written by Henri Lion and Valentine Bean and is crammed with text and cartoon drawings. The inside covers include colour images of  Napoleonic and American Indian subjects.

The booklet is in superb condition, with only the odd mark or scuff on the front cover and spine. It is unusual in that there is no ISBN number.

The contents include;
Foreword by Arthur W. Etchelle III
Preparing a figure
Painting a figure
Painting a Horse
Colour and Colour Mixing
and suggestions for research material.

Although obviously targeted at the historical figure modeller/painter, I look forward to reading it and adding it to my collection of modelling and figure painting books.



For a simple booklet published in 1977 it would be reasonable to expect that there would be little of interest or use to me. How wrong could I be!

I found some of the notes on Henri's home-brew paint mixes quite enlightening and although I am not sure if I will use them on Wargame Figures, I am certain they will be used on my 40mm and larger figures. In fact if it was not for the fact that my workbench is so full of on-going projects I am sure that I would be starting another display figure just to try out the techniques described.

Henri also uses sawdust for adding texture to helmet plumes and in building up his groundwork or bases. I realise that I have access to both fine and coarse sawdust through my work and will be experimenting with this waste product once I have picked up a sample.

All in all a fine little book and one that I am sure will be referred to on a regular basis.


John Lambshead said...

Thought I knew them all but this is new to me.

DC said...

It's an interesting little book, and the cartoons remind me a lot of MM's Stan Catchpole (IIRC it is said that Bryan Fosten was 'Stan', but you never know.....). Cheers.

Tony said...

Hi John,

You are not alone - I had never heard of this book before today and like you, I thought I knew them all.

A great little read.


Tony said...


You are right, the cartoons are a bit like the Stan Catchpole illustrations.


mxconnell said...

A startling treat to see this pop up!

IMHO, a lovely little book from the days before acrylics, black primer and exotic lighting effects. Remains my favorite from the period and though dated, I still reread it for pleasure. Some of the folks in the club I was in at the time (a wee lad then) knew Henri. I have always regretted never getting an introduction as this book greatly influenced my early painting and probably still has echoes in my style to this day.

I'll have to dig up my copy, I'm due tor a reread. Thanks for the nudge!