Wednesday 5 September 2012

Pax Bochemannica - The Groundwork

I have used Milliput Extra Fine White to build up the groundwork on top of the 2p and 1p coins. The small stones are just pressed into the still wet Milliput and then the epoxy is left to set. The stones are from some coarse sand which I have sieved - the stones being kept in one container and the sand in another.

I intend adding some fine sand before undercoating with Chaos Black. More to follow and very soon.

My intention is to paint these in a style similar to that which Rob Alderman has used, for further details see this link. Rob uses the New Games Workshop Paints and Washes. A technique that I have tried to replicate on at least two occasions, so far without success. Never-the-less I am determined to master it.

Yesterday I called into the Worcester Games Workshop store and asked for more details as to how to paint with the new paints.  I was given loads of advice, but still need the practical lesson to be truly confident.

I also picked up an A4 paint conversion chart - showing the old paints and the new names. This should prove very helpful, for this project and others.



Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to my clever Hubby. Love you. Sue xx

Rob Alderman said...

Bless the previous comment and happy anniversary to you both!

Thanks for the kind comments. The way I use the new paints is in a sort of 'triad'. Base Paint (in this case 'Bugman's Glow', followed by a layer of Cadian Fleshtone and then Kislev Flesh. The key is to do all the basecoats, then a wash all over with a 50:50 mix of Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil, then do all the layered highlights once that has dried. It works for me, because it is how I have always painted! I used to mix up lots of different washes and pick out certain areas with each one, but I only do that now to make a colour more vibrant. :)
I'm glad the guys in GW Worcester helped you out, it's great to actually be shown how to use them. I hope to do my own little video how to soon!!! :)

P.s. The models are lovely, aren't they? Dave's done such a good job. I hope you enjoy painting them as much as I did!!!