Thursday, 19 December 2013

40mm Cliffhanger Miniatures to be sold by Crann Tara Miniatures

Following a recent post on The Miniatures Page (see this link for details) Crann Tara Miniatures have agreed to distribute the old Monolith Designs 40mm figures sculpted by Jim Bowen. For more information go to this link.

Regular followers and readers of this Blog will know that I have been championing this range of figures for some time - years in fact. It is great news to read that these figures will soon be available from this manufacturer.

The image below shows three of the Flash Gordon Cliffhanger range of 40mm miniatures defending a tomb.

My own 40mm Flash Gordon collection includes both stock and modified figures from this range and I will be following this development with interest.



Phil said...

Excellent looking the building too!

Graham C said...

Like the building, I shall be typing up the lists onto the shop over the next few days, we've test spun all the moulds and made sure we have everything so check us out after Xmas.
I'm hoping Steve will have sorted out the greens by the New Year so I can work out what's to come

fogsoldiers said...

Flesh Gordon in 40mm...intriguing...really intriguing... :-)


Tony said...

The Cliffhanger Figures are now available. See this link for details;