Friday 6 December 2013

Something for Nothing - part two

Last month I posted some images of three pieces of terrain I had built using simple Wood Bark Chips, see this link for full details.  At the same time, I built this road-side shrine.

The model started off as a simple piece of rocky terrain, similar to the earlier pieces. However an image of a road-side shrine found on the internet inspired me to build this larger piece of terrain.

The stone base was built with individual blocks of Blue-Foam glued in place with Superglue and topped off with a couple of larger Blue-Foam stone slabs and a statue of The Queen of Hearts. The Queen is a metal casting called The Ogre Queen and sculpted by Brad Shier as part of a Limited Edition set produced by Frothers in 2004.

I wanted a busy base, full of different offerings and these items were either scratch-built or came from my spares box.

The model was basecoated with a very dark Black/Brown and the layers built-up by dry-brushing and washes. I painted the groundwork in my now familiar colour of Snakebite Leather, highlighted with Skull White and decorated the base with railway scatter material, a couple of static grass tufts and some green foam vegetation. The two trees were added at a very late stage as I wanted to 'frame' the stone coloured statue. They were glued in place with my Hot Glue gun.

I'm very pleased with the finished piece of terrain and look forward to incorporating it in to one of my Flintloque scenarios in the near future.

The final image shows the three pieces of terrain detailed in the earlier post. Unfortunately, all work-in-progress shots were lost when my computer hard drive played up earlier this year.



mattblackgod said...

Great looking terrain. Your work is very inspirational.

Dannoc said...

Fantastic scene and painting - love the figure.