Tuesday 26 August 2014

Pin-Head Ogres

These are a couple of Pin-Head Ogres from the Monster in my Pocket miniature sets. I picked these up from one of the Pound Shops last year and they have been kept in my to-do box ever since. The figures are hard plastic figures that come with their own stats cards.

Photos Two and Three - The Ogre.

The model stands 38mm tall head to toe and is mounted on a 50mm round base. I have re-painted the figure in the same colours as the original.

Photos Four and Five - Another re-paint, this time a Cyclops! But a Cyclops with two eyes?

This model stands 42mm tall head to toe and is again mounted on a 50mm round base.

Both miniatures have been based, re-painted and varnished. I have no idea what I'll be doing with these two figures, but they were great fun to paint and given that they are cheap collectable figures - they are exceptionally well sculpted. I have a number of other Monster in my Pocket figures that were picked up at the same time, some have already been used as adversaries for my 40mm Flash Gordon collection.



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MarkG said...

Nice work on those Tony. They are quirky but also quite cool!

snowcat said...

Excellent ogres - bags of character! :)