Monday 15 December 2014

Dracci Breath - Day Fifteen of the 2014 Advent Calendar

Craig Andrews of Orcs in the Webbe has just uploaded the latest free post on the OITW Advent Calendar 2014 - Dracci Breath, written by me. For full details go to this link.

This short story was written in response to a request from Craig, following some images I sent him of this modified resin casting of a Dwarf 'Weapon of mass Destruction'. The casting is from Scotia Grendel and was bought at a local wargame show earlier this year.

The Dwarf operator has been 'Flintloque-ified' and painted to represent a Landwehr trooper.

Part of the model (I have still got the three resin legs in my 'bits box') was based and glued on to a Blue Foam stone dais before being painted, varnished and flocked. The OITW post shows some work-in-progress shots.

I hope you enjoy the backstory and the model. For more Advent 'goodies' go to this link.


1 comment:

Thanos said...

A formidable weapon, used by a guy in Blue can this be? :-)
Nice model, nicely painted Tony! :)