Saturday, 2 January 2016

2015 - A Review.....

It is usual at this time of year to look back and review what happened in the previous twelve months. I though I would do the same.

Did I paint enough miniatures?
I'm not sure I did, yes I had a number of figures featured on the Blog, but I am never sure that I have painted enough. Maybe this is one of those Forth Road Bridge questions, can you ever paint enough?

Did I build enough terrain?
I think I am safe with this one and yes I did. New master models have appeared on this Blog through out the year, most have been for the new and up-coming game Panzerfauste or Frostgrave, but yes I am pleased with the amount of new terrain pieces.

Did I write enough?
As regular readers and followers will know, I took a year out from writing my third book. In fact I am currently thinking about producing it, but I think this will have to wait until later this month before I can make a comment.

In addition I have had articles printed in both Wargames Soldiers & Strategy and Miniature Wargames as well as five features on Orcs in the Webbe.

Did I play enough games?
I think the answer to this has to be no. I did not play one single wargame in 2015. I have played a number of board games, but the figures and terrain have remained in storage, except for the odd photographing session.

Did I enjoy my hobby?
Hell yes.

So I am looking forward to 2016 and what is has to offer.



Anonymous said...

did you do any gardening or decorating, Hell NO!!!

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading along, if that helps!


Tony said...

"I've enjoyed reading along, if that helps!"


It does.

Thank you.


Rob Alderman said...

Happy new year, Tony!

You've had a grand year of hobby from the look of it.

I actually didn't know you DID play Wargames! I thought you were pure 'hobbyist' so to speak!

Maybe, at one of our shows, you'll catch a game or two of Panzerfäuste. :)