Friday, 25 March 2016

Ma.K Hover Tank - part eleven

I have decided to use a strong rare-earth magnet to attach the turret to the hull. I have mounted a small metal washer to the hull.....

And the magnet is mounted in the turret.

I mixed up some Milliput and placed it into the turret. I then added some superglue to the magnet and placed it onto the Milliput.

I placed a spare washer under the magnet and also a thin shim of .5mm plastic card under the washer before pressing the turret down on to a piece of hardened glass.

When the Milliput had fully hardened, I tried it on the tank hull to check that it worked properly.

The plastic card shim meant that the magnet always stays just a fraction of a millimetre above the washer rather than sitting on it.


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Anonymous said...

Such a cool project!