Saturday, 5 March 2016

Ma.K Hover Tank - part two

For details of part one - go to this link.

The first piece of modelling was to add the thrusters to the rear of the tank body. I started with a firewall of 1mm thick plastic card which was glued in place with superglue and accelerator then trimmed and sanded the edges to fit the hull profile. The engines are feet from a Star Wars walker sanded flat while the central construction came from an Airfix Sci-Fi kit.

The upper ledge and lower elevator (or trim tab) are constructed from 3mm thick plastic card.

I have also enclosed the underside. I first added small sections of balsawood to the lid of the upturned  yellow hull then superglued a flat section of plastic card to the sanded and sealed balsawood. When the glue had fully set, I cut and sanded this plastic card lid to shape.

Ma.K. = SF3D or Maschinen Kruger



John Lambshead said...

I'm fascinated how you turn odd stuff into gems.

Herbert West said...

Love Ma.K stuff. Looking forward to watching this unfold immensely.

Zzzzzz said...

Oh. I was expecting a boat, really.

But love the work so far on the back - great attention to detail.