Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Ma.K Hover Tank Ju87s - The Viper featured on ARC

The scratch-built Ma.K Hover Tank - The Viper has been featured on Aircraft Resource Centre (ARC), an on-line modelling magazine. For full details see this link and look for the daily update for May 31st 2016

Full details of the build can be found by searching the Ma.K label to the right or by browsing The Lead Adventure updates here.

As you can see the model now sits on a custom made scenic base which features various scratch-built and ready made castings, some from 1/43rd scale or O gauge suppliers, others from my 'spares box'.



Zzzzzz said...

Hurrah ! Wider fame !

It looks great on the base, nice little narrative. It shows off the tank very nicely.

Pete. said...

Very nice- quite a journey from toy boat to finished model.



Anonymous said...

Very nice vignette!