Thursday, 30 June 2016

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy - The Decorative Mausoleum

The latest issue of Wargames, Soldiers & Stratgy, issue 85 has another terrain building article written by me - The Decorative Mausoleum is a two page article detailing how I scratch-built and painted this themed or decorative mausoleum. For full details pick up the magazine, while for a list of this months contents, see this link.

The model is based on an actual mausoleum in the Montmartre Cemetery, Paris and although not an exact replica, I believe it is a very good representation.

I have experimented with painting the concrete mausoleum using a 'wet water' and washes technique, more often used to paint military vehicles. I hope you like it.

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy issue 85, July/August 2016 is now available to buy at W H Smiths.

Look out for more terrain building articles in future issues and should you have any comments or critique, please contact me via this Blog as I am always trying to improve both my scratch-building techniques and my writing style.


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