Thursday, 6 October 2016

Campaign Desk

Earlier today when browsing some antique shops in Moreton in the Marsh, I saw this military campaign desk. It was a real beauty, but at over £500.00 a little to rich for my pocket. Never-the-less I thought it was worth sharing.

The small gold leaf impression to the top identified this desk as 'The Dorothy'.

The desk was dated 1905 and had a scissor action that closed the desk top and brought the legs together into a carrying handle. It included a pocket for a watch, an ink bottle and various small and custom pockets and pouches all crafted in dark burgundy leather. The upper work surface had a marvellous hidden hinge system which allowed the upper desk portion to become an easel, under the easel was space for more pens (about 20) so I think this might have been a cartographers desk. This hidden area was lined with purple velvet.

I couldn't help thinking it would make a great travelling painting station!


An internet search is identifying a similar desk as Boer War era.

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Derek said...


That has inspired me to see if i can find a modern equivalent. I could really use a paint station that didn't take up too much space.