Friday, 11 November 2016

Miniature Holder - Latest Update

Following on from my earlier post here are some images of my Miniature Holder Mk II. I picked up four grey napkins rings from a charity shop in Kidderminster for just 50p. They are made of wood and a sticker on the inside says MADE IN INDIA.

I have added a bent coat-hanger hook to the side of one and glued it in place with superglue. The cork is the same as the cork featured in the earlier post. Since taking these images, I have trimmed the top of the cork and sanded it smooth so it fits a little better and does not stick out the top so much.

The figure is a MSB TOYS Pig Rogue bought off the internet. The figure stands 35mm tall foot to top of head.

I can report that the earlier holder and the holder without the coat-hanger wire work fine. I used them to hold the Wedding Cake Toppers featured earlier in this blog. I have yet to use the holder with the wire.

I am still pledging towards the Rathcore V3 holder, but thought it was still worth posting that these holders are not that hard or expensive to scratch-build and are very practical.



David Wood said...

Thanks Tony. Think I'll try to make one myself.

Tony said...

"Thanks Tony. Think I'll try to make one myself."

I used a No 17 Tapered Cork bought from e-bay.

Good luck.