Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Book Treasures and where to find them - part two Oxfam Book Shops

In this second Bookworms feature I am highlighting not one but a group of Oxfam charity book shops - but in particular the Oxfam bookstore in Harbourne, Birmingham.

I have featured this shop in an earlier post but yesterday Sue and I drove up to Harbourne so I could drop off some spare model making books and magazines and browse the shelves to see if there was anything I wanted as a birthday present. I think this is one of the better run charity book stores, well stocked, efficiently run and very well laid out. On this occasion I purchased a boxed set of Dan Brown's Inferno CD talking book but there were other books that caught my attention, particularly military history and as featured in the earlier post a wide range of Role Playing Game guides and books.

The shop can be found on the High Street in Harbourne the full address is;

Oxfam Book Store
171 High Street
B17 9QE

I should also mention two other Oxfam stores that I regularly visit;

Oxfam Book Store
74 Hertford Street

Which has a great selection of transport books and the widest selection of fantasy books and fantasy art books of any charity store I have ever visited.

Next we have the Oxfam Book Store in Cirencester where I found my White Dwarf issue No. 2.

Oxfam Book Store
7 W Market Place

Obviously there are more, but I find these are a few of the best. The stock is always changing and I would recommend popping in when ever you are in the area. Should you have any others that you would like to recommend. please include them in the comments section.


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Tony said...

I'l add one more Oxfam shop to the list; The Oxfam store in Stourport which Sue and I visited earlier this week. The store had hundreds of railway history books (mainly standard gauge LMS, GWR and classic era), apparently a collection from a single house clearance. Although there were many on display, there were even more being sorted upstairs and these should be out and on display next week.

Oxfam Charity Shop
20 High Street
Stourport - on - Severn
DY13 8BL