Friday, 7 February 2020

Mortal Realms - issue 2

Earlier this week I was in W H Smiths Droitwich and saw that issue 3 of Mortal Realms - the magazine part-works by Games Workshop and Hachette was on sale for £7.99. I had thought that I had missed issue 2, but yesterday I picked up issue 2 in W H Smiths, Kidderminster for £5.99.

Issue 2 has 4 wraith like creatures, a pot of paint and a brush for just £5.99. Which I think this is very good value for GW miniatures. At this moment, I have too much commission and magazine work to tempt me into a new project so these will be stored in the attic with the earlier issue 1 until such time as I can get around to modelling the miniatures.

For details of the earlier issue 1, see this Blog link.


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