Monday 31 August 2020

Pax Boche Themed Month - part twenty-six

The converted Boche matt varnished and with static grass added to the base. He still looks a little glossy, but, I'm happy with the finished model and he is unique, being modified from a resin Boche - a rare miniature and then having had his head replaced with the head from a Dream Blades miniature.

The image below, shows the rear or back of the mini and you can see how well the new head and the Green Man leaves fit.

The final image of this mini (and the themed month) shows the Green Man Boche alongside the rearing metal bear to give an idea of the size of both miniatures. The Boche is mounted onto a 1p coin and the rearing Bear a 2p coin.

Now that the Pax Boche themed month is over, I'd be interested in hearing comments from readers on what you think of themed months. I quite like the idea and it certainly focuses the mind as well as helping to reduce my Lead Mountain. The only figure purchased for this themed month was the Reaper Dwarf Druid (which was bought via E-bay) all the other figures were patiently waiting on my to-do shelf or in the case of the Noman Orc Legionaries, still in the original Pax Bochemannica box set stored in the attic.

What do you think of Themed Months?

Stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling



Palmerdrama said...

Really enjoyed themed month, especially the SPQorc/Pax Brittanica theme. Thanks for sharing. Would be interested in getting some of the other minis, i have the box set, do you know who stocks them now Hysterical Games have gone?

Tony said...

"Do you know who stocks them now Hysterical Games have gone?"

I would suggest the following;

Steve Blease - try this link; or

and Miniature Figurines;

Good luck.