Friday, 25 June 2021

Nano Gel Tape

Earlier this week I picked up a pack of this super-sticky, double-sided Nano Gel Tape. I'd been looking at different Velcro tapes/packs and when I saw this I thought I'd try this instead.

I bought my pack from The Range, for £2.99 for a 1 metre pack. For more details see this link.

The tape comes in the standard roll about 30mm wide. I thought it would be ideal for holding miniatures onto my home-made cork painting handles and tried it out on this based but unpainted 28mm figure as you can see in this images. 

The Nano tape holds the mini securely, however it is too secure and trying to remover the mini proved difficult as the tape is super strong. So much so that I thought I would damage the figure by having to apply too much force. In the end I used a knife to prise the mini and base from the tape.


The tape is extremely strong and I'm sure will have many uses, but securing figures to my cork painting handles will not be one of them. It is just TOO STRONG. In future I will revert back to my tried-and-trusted BlueTack.


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