Tuesday 1 June 2021

Wooden Mallet Refurb - a Flea Market find

This sorry looking wooden mallet was one of the tools I picked up at The Malvern Flea Market yesterday. It was found with some other tools in a £1.00 bargain box.

As you can see it was in a very poor state, but I've been on the look out for a camping mallet (ever since Holly pinched my universal wooden mallet for her own camping tool box).

Stripping the parts was a bit of a pain as the nail holding the head to the shaft was both rusted and broken.

Once taken apart, I used the chop-saw to cut about 5-8mm from each side of the head and about 25mm from the bottom of the handle.

Here you can see the newly sized mallet prior to sanding.

I enjoyed sitting in the sun and sanding the head and handle - very relaxing.

I used standard finishing wax to polish the pieces before gluing the handle back in place. I also used a stainless steel pin to 'lock' the head in place.

£1.00 from the bargain box and I now have a very good looking camping mallet, ready to knock those tent pegs in place when we next go camping.

I really enjoy renovating old tools and I know that I could have done better - but this is a working piece not a display piece, so I happy.


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