Wednesday 1 September 2021

Dampf's Wargame Terrain Survey - September 2021


Regular followers and readers of this Blog will know that I enjoy constructing scratch built terrain for my own use and as masters for other companies. I have produced three self published wargame terrain books and two further books available from Pen & Sword, as well as regularly writing for wargame magazines. I recently received a comment on my Blog asking if I would produce a tutorial featuring a lift off roof and this got me thinking.....

Am I producing the content that fits with my readers and their needs?

So in response, throughout the month of September, I will be running this simple survey, which I hope you will take part in. My plan is to ask a series of simple questions which I hope will help to guide me when producing further articles/tutorials for magazines.

Question 1

What scale? I propose that you respond with a figure or figures, for example - less than 15mm, 15mm - 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm 30mm, 32mm or larger.

Question 2

Lift off roof or fixed? A further question could be detailed interior or plain? I prefer models with a fixed roof as these offer additional strength and fit with my own gaming requirements but I am aware that others like the novelty of a lift off roof.

Question 3

Integral base or not. Again my own preference is for a decorative base slightly larger than the model with some added items of clutter, as seen above.

Please respond in the comments section, with answers to Q1, Q2, Q3 and feel free to add any additional views or re-post.

Thank you.



Anonymous said...

1/Scale, I normally like the 30-32mm scale, as normally you can safely cover the 28mm and some 35mm miniatures and they don't look to much out of scale with each other. For Terrain 30-32mm works will.

2/ being able to lift the roof off some model terrain is handy for gaming, but really depends on the type of game. Plain interiors for gaming and space reasons.

3/Decorate base also depends on the model and the game, but depending on the type of terrain a decorate base looks good.

DutchArmchairgeneral said...

Let me start with saying that I have two left hands with five thumbs on each hand. So for me the things shown here are inspiration and although I try to follow your standard is far above me (;-)). But here are my comments:

First: I use mostly 15mm and 25/28mm, so that would be my preferred scales.
Second: I am absolutely not interested in lift-off roofs. I do need any stability I can get !
And third: a base is especially handy, apart from stability again, to handle the model. For vehicles, for instance, I always use a base so we do not need to touch those painted parts. And for scenery the same is true. For basing giving the possibility to put "junk" (;-)) around it lives up the model !


Anonymous said...

Q1: 15 mm (or 18 mm)
Q2: fixed
Q3: More expansive bases

Explanation for Q3 - by more expansive I mean enough of a base for adding other stuff than the main structure like fences or trees or other scenic details. And sometimes a base big enough for more than one building but rarely more than three. This last technique when combined with other bases makes it easy to build a village or town on the table by using fewer bases for faster set-up and take-down.

Another thought, not original to me like the one above is an idea I saw from others: a straight line base at the back (or front or side as appropriate) of a building to allow the addition of a second base, say with a fenced in area. This allows the possibility of more than one 'extra' base to use the same building in a rather different setup and/or era.

For Q2, if the building is meant for skirmish level games, then a lift-off roof with some notional details is okay.

Good luck with your survey!

(Kym) + Warburton + (Classic40K) said...

Q1: In general, 28mm (I would also be interested in seeing your take on 6mm or perhaps 10mm at some point).

Q2: Lift off (I agree fixed is generally better, but I was interested to see how you would approach doing a lift-off roof to see if it was a method I could do myself)

q3: Integral base

Looking forward to seeing what results from this!

Robert Piepenbrink said...

In 28mm, base for stability, no clutter and lift-off roof optional. It's a trade-off between stability and being absolutely sure who's occupying the place.
In 5.6mm, solid buildings and surrounding area essential. Basically, I need BUAs with room for a stand of garrison.
Building interiors are separate--28mm skirmish/RPG only and need to be--in an odd way--overscale. 28mm castings are almost always on 25mm bases--effectively a 5' diameter. If I were a figure on a base, you could only fit two of me in my study, and then only if there were no terrain. But several people could fight in here, and more could take shelter.

Good luck going forward!

Heisler said...

Q1 - I mostly game in 15mm and that odd range from 28mm - 32mm

Q2 - For 15mm no lift off roofs, its not necessary at the smaller scales. For the larger figures (and I build my own buildings to 1/56th scale) I want/need lift off roofs as the games I play in this range are typically skirmish style and being able to put minis in a building is particularly handy for this style of gaming.

Q3 - I can go either way on an integral base or not. I tend to not put my own buildings on bases.

Codsticker said...

1- 28mm and 15mm (mostly 28).

2- Although I usually use my buildings for large battles and a lift off roof is not necessary, we do occasionally play skirmish games where it is handy. So my preference is for a lift off roof.

3- I like based.

Has.been said...

1) 28mm, but hankering to try 40mm.
2) Fixed roof, as this allows for various 'Floor Plans'
3) based. Looks nicer IMHO & provides support to the building.

mxconnell said...

Q1: Primarily 15mm and 28mm but dabble as low as 3mm and as high as 54mm. I would find occasional articles with you’re take on the more extreme sizes very interesting.

Q2: 15mm and above I lean towards a removable roof as I am predominantly skirmish focused. I prefer the interiors to be painted but without furniture or additional interior walls until 40mm and up. The occasional article with a lift off roof would be interesting.

Q3: Integral bases and added clutter as appropriate. Usually skirmish gaming is more narrative, so anything that adds to the color of the story is a plus.

Lasgunpacker said...

Q1: 6, 15, and 28mm sized terrain. Most of my collection is with larger figures, but then again most terrain making guides are also for larger figures. Small scale stuff is more rare, and therefore more interesting, as you have to be able to "sketch" out the details in a way that reads on the tabletop.
Q2: For 6mm (or 10 etc) sized buildings, solid buildings are best, but in 15mm and above liftoff is best, as I play mostly skirmish games where knowing that this guy is at the window is important. Having space for the figure in the building is an easier way to do that.
Q3: Bases for buildings can go either unbased or minimal. I would only use larger bases for something like a garden or graveyard.

Richard said...

1 - 28mm
2 - I like the option of lift off, but it's not necessary.
3 - Close based is good as it helps with stability.

I would really like to read your construction of buildings that are more than a simple rectangle but have multiple levels and more than one type of roof.

Kev Moon said...

Q1 28mm
Q2 fixed roof
Q3 no preference

mattblackgod said...

Q1: 15 to 18mm or 28mm
Q2: I would like to see a lift off roof for a change.
Q3: I like an integrated base. I find it helps build some realism.

For the interior I would leave it plain, unless you want the challenge of fitting space for minis and making a detailed inside. I found builds with detailed interiors seem to take for ever to complete.

Peter Douglas said...

Q1: typically I do 28mm. but I am getting into 10mm so would like to see something in that scale.
Q2 Fixed roof at 10mm
Q3 integral base in any case.

Unknown said...

28 mm; fixed roof; decorative base (provides further inspiration).

capthugeca said...

1. 15mm or even 10mm.
2. Fixed roof is fine for the above scales.
3. No preference about base.

jon1066 said...

28 mm
Lift off roof
No base

irishserb said...

Q1. 6mm,15mm,28mm.

Q2. Lift off, except maybe for 6mm. Mo preference regarding interiors, as I find that fighting from the building is much more common than fighting room to room.

Q3. No base, or removalble base. Large attached bases eat up more storage space, and limit the utility of some types of buildings.

snitchythedog said...

Q1 I prefer 28mm as it is a good bridge between 20mm and 32mm and the techniques will work both ways.

Q2 Lift off with either drop in terrain or terrain with forced perspective (against the walls leaving the floor clear)

Q3 I can take or leave bases depending the the size of the piece and how stable it needs to be.

Tony said...

Your comment about 'forced perspective' might need further explanation. Do you have any images you could share?


Mad Guru said...

(1) 28mm

(2) I strongly prefer lift-off roofs, in order to place figures inside when called for, & also so I can take "interior" photos. As a general rule I don't want or need any interior building details, though if I ever take up RPGs or low level skirmish gaming, I guess that would change.

(3) Yes or no to "Decorative Bases" on model buildings depends on the particular details of said building. For certain buildings I do want them, for others I don't. Such bases can take up a lot of table space, which in the case of single buildings is usually not a problem, but in the case of multiple buildings belonging making up a village or town or city, can be a big problem. Decorative bases for model buildings can be awesome, but as a general rule I must say "NO," because when it comes to creating built-up areas for games as efficiently as possible in terms of table space, my take is that less is more and better safe than sorry.

tidders said...

Question 1. - I game in 20mm (1/72), 28mm, 40mm

Question 2.
- fixed roof, in some cases a lift off roof (where access would be useful in a game (for example inside aircraft hanger). For gaming where interiors are needed, I use a ground plan for each floor and suitable furniture/cupboards/boxes and so on.

Question 3 - In general no base, allows for re-use more easily on different terrain setups. Special items like a mill base with an integral river section

Anonymous said...

1. 15mm or 28mm

2. Prefer lift off roof, but interior details other than maybe a fireplace.

3. A small minimal base. I prefer to decorate the bases myself.

Corey Burger said...

1. Mostly 28mm, although we are talking about 20mm. Also some 1/1200 naval - 1850s and WW2
2. Yes to removable roofs and some interior
3. Based is sometimes, depends on the building

TomD said...

Q1- I game 15mm-18mm and 25mm-28mm
Q2- I prefer removable roofs and playable interior.
Q3- Based preferable.

Anonymous said...

Q1 28MM
Q2 Lift off roof
Q3 Base

Clarke said...

Q1- 28mm
Q2- lift off
Q3- based

Anonymous said...

Q2 lift off roof, allows for best of both worlds.
Q3 integral base, just sets the scene so much better.

Michael S/Chgowiz said...

1. 15mm, usually easy enough to scale up to 25/28
2. Integral
3. based

Thank you for what you do!

Tony said...

Thank you for all the replies. I will post details of the results very soon and link back to this post and set of replies.