Friday, 13 May 2022

Yellow Pelican Mining Co. - A New Locomotive part two


An internet search soon found these images of a vertical boiler-ed steam engine. I think the first was an On30 on a 0-4-0 mechanism and the second an On18 on 0-6-0. Both had the compact characteristics I was looking for in my new locomotive.

A series of simple pencil sketches helped me to define the main dimensions and gave me the opportunity to play around with the layout of the boiler and cab arrangement.

None are based on actual locomotives (although I have used historical images of vertical boiler-ed engines for reference) and this gave me the freedom to scratch build a completely freelance steam 'critter' design. The only restrictions I had was keeping the same loading gauge as the earlier two locomotives and making sure that this new engine would fit into the tunnel and loading bay entrances on the layout.


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irishserb said...

Very much looking forward to seeing your steam critter come to life. This has been a very interesting project to follow along with. Thanks for sharing it.