Friday, 20 May 2022

Yellow Pelican Mining Co. - A New Locomotive part six

Super detailing

Today's post shows how I added even more small details to this narrow gauge, vertical boilered engine. Most of the additions were constructed from plastic card, but there are a few bits from my 'spares box'.

This is the stage of model building that I enjoy most, adding rivets, small details and widgets to 'busy up' the model prior to painting. With a free lance model you can go as far as you like.....

Prior to painting, I washed the whole model in warm soapy water to remove any bits of grease or unwanted dust. 

At this stage the cab is still not glued in place - this should make painting a little easier.



Codsticker said...

I love all the little details you have added. Will the engine be yellow?

Tony said...

Will the engine be yellow?

You'll have to wait and see. Seriously, I think I'll be going for a well worn look - stay tuned for more information.