Wednesday 2 August 2023

1/35th Scale Wagons for my Fireless Locomotive

With the 1/35th scale Fireless Locomotive finished (see earlier posts), I needed to work on some wagons. I chose a simple flat wagon to start and thought you may want to see how this and others were built.

Photo two

A second-hand HO-OO ESSO Tanker. Bought for £5.00.

Photo three

Now with the tank removed - I'm sure I will find some use for the tank - stay tuned for more information.....

Photo four

Modified by cutting off all of the solebar and brake detail and sanding the top flat.

Photo five

The modified wagons cut in half with a new wheel base of 30mm. I used a simple wooden jig to get the dimensions correct and keep all the wagons uniform.

Photo six

Various thicknesses of plastic card all ready to be cut and then glued together.

Photo seven

The finished flats - suitably weathered and aged.

Photo eight

The finished and painted flat wagon with a load of cardboard boxes and displayed on a scenic base. I still need to add couplings, but this can wait for now.

I have three finished flat wagons and am working on a couple of variations. The models were obviously all scratch built and have no 'real-life' inspiration. I was very disappointed that there are so few plans or drawings for simple narrow gauge wagons and had to design and built my own.

The flat wagons are 68mm long x 40mm wide and ride at 16.5mm above track level. Each wagon took about two hours to build and about the same to paint, but I now have some original stock for my 1/35th scale industrial layout. I just need to build it.


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