Tuesday 22 August 2023

Weekend visit to Swansea

Sue and I have just returned from a long weekend visit to Swansea where we had Joe's ice-cream and a walk along the promenade down Mumbles, before meeting up with family. On Monday Sue and Mum had some time in Swansea city centre shopping and I took a walk along High Street to check out some of the charity shops.

This collection of 20 second-hand magazine was just some of the collection I spotted in one charity shop. I was very good and only picked up 20. There were a lot more for sale at just 25p each and it took ALL of my willpower not to purchase the full collection! The images below give more details of exactly what I bought.

Before leaving with this hoard, I spotted some fantastic Railway books and magazines in another charity shop and after telephoning my Uncle John and informing him of what was for sale at bargain prices, I picked up a number of magazines and books for him. Later when I dropped of the books to John, he rewarded me with these two books. They are part of a series and I already have book one in the series.

All in all a very enjoyable break and a very rewarding one.


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