Sunday 31 March 2024

Renegade Nell from Disney

The new fantasy adventure from Disney landed this week and after all of the hype I was looking forward to seeing how the story and characters panned out. Episode one was a character introduction story but I found it a little underwhelming - I'm not saying that I will not be watching the rest of the series (which I hope will get better) but I think I was expecting more.

I have included this link for anyone not familiar with the story, but there are many other clips and reviews available on the internet should you want more information.

Overall I would recommend it but think it could have been better. Hopefully the next episode will be better and live up to my expectations.



Simon said...

So it’s better than expected from dismal Disney. Anything the company touches usually turns to sh…er something unpleasant.

Anonymous said...

We just watched the rather predictable first episode. Seen it all before, but it’s not dreadful. Will we carry on watching, possibly. I am getting fed up with the multi race populations in such programs. I know this is fantasy, but the Disney wokeness creeps into everything.

Tony said...

There was an interesting review on BBC Radio 5 Live earlier today - Must Watch - where both reviewers gave it the thumbs up!

Maybe it gets better?


Anonymous said...

Just watched the first episode. It’s pretty predictable as to what’s going to unfold. Not sure I will be bothering with the rest of the series.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, one episode in and I do not think I can watch anymore. Nothing new in the storyline.