Tuesday 21 May 2024

Magazine Articles - an update

Earlier this month I asked my followers and readers of this Blog what they thought of magazines that publish articles split over two or more issues. The response was very much appreciated. For more details of the initial question, see this Blog post.

I received 34 responses and the result of the survey is;

10 had no view one way or the other

2 had a great dislike of the format

6 were OK with splitting over two magazines

10 responses sat in between not liking and OK

Taking all of the above, I would surmise based on the responses, that publishing articles over two issues - for example part one - the construction and part two - the painting is OK. The most recent issue of Miniature Wargames has such a split article with part one - showing the construction of the Armoury, and part two - next months issue, detailing the painting and finishing.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my short survey - your comments were a great help.


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