Monday, 29 September 2008

Flash Gordon - The Crashed Rocketship

No work-in-progress pictures this time just a written up-date on the progress so far of the 40mm Crashed Rocketship gaming board. This weekend I completed the painting of the groundwork and started to add some foliage. I would expect to finish the whole board within the next couple of weeks.

For anyone not familiar with this very long-running project. I have been planning a crashed rocketship skirmish board for some time - maybe years. I finished the Flash Gordon rocketship ages ago - see earlier Flash Gordon entries, but the board which was initially planned as a 3 foot x 3 foot board has now been built (2 foot x 2 foot), sculpted and painted.

I have promised a complete article, 'how I built it' and 'how I painted it' to Richard at Rattrap Productions LLC (see; Part one is already complete. Once I have a finished board I promise to post a link and some actual in-game shots.

For now, not even a 'teaser', oh OK, just one - a rough pencil sketch, showing the first designs, inspired by the Alex Raymond comic strip rocketships, but believe me the full article/articles will be worth the wait!


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