Sunday, 14 September 2008

Flash Gordon - Lizardman

The miniature is from the American company - Lance & Lazer Models INC. a Dragonewt Champion (no. 03031).

Mounted on a 40mm round base the model is 46mm tall. The claws on the feet had to be cut off and re-modelled with 'green stuff' to fit the 40mm base and the green colour scheme is a little predictable, but I like the miniature and it fits a classic Lizardman profile better than others I have seen.

The casting was very well done, with fantastic skin and scale texture. The miniature was painted over a black undercoat with a mixture of acrylic paints.

The service from Lance & Lazer Models was very good, with the figures arriving from America within 14 days of ordering. There are others in the range that I would expect to order in the future, but for now I will try to paint the lead mountain I already have before ordering any more!



Anonymous said...

I noticed that the pic isn't "clickable" like the others. It's too bad because I'd like a close-up.

Tony said...

I know that some pictures are 'clickable' while others are not. I am not aware of any problems with the up-loads and can only put it down to issues with Blogger.