Thursday, 11 September 2008

Flash Gordon - Robots (the animated series) part three

This latest Blog entry shows my 40mm Flash Gordon Robots - inspired by Flash Gordon (the animated series) robots. The basis of the models are Hydra Miniatures Legionnaire Robots with scratch built and resin cast heads as well as Ming 'sun burst' motifs on their chests.

The third photo shows the new heads in profile. For more details on how they were made and cast - please see earlier posts.

The miniatures were painted with a mix of acrylic paints over a black and dark brown undercoat, then washed with Games Workshop brown wash before the detail was picked out. A variation from the animated series colour scheme are the black eye sockets rather than red. I felt that the red eye colour just looked wrong.

The robots are varnished with a 'custom mix' satin varnish - 50% Kleer and 50% artists matt acrylic varnish. I have stated in the past that I feel gloss varnish just doesn't look right. The base is all matt.

One recommendation concerning these superb miniatures - I would suggest that any painter thinks about painting the individual arms separately and gluing the figure together when the paint has dried. The manufacture of the figure makes painting the rear of the gun very difficult once the figure is constructed. In addition any modeller who knows these miniatures will see that legs and poses have been altered slightly to offer some variation - cutting the base and moving the legs either further apart, closer or forward.

Each miniature is mounted on a 40mm round base and stands 45mm tall.


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Eli Arndt said...

I know they are not exact, but they are spot on enough for me!!! So good to see that old cartoon revived in 3D.