Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Christmas 2008 Project - The Amber Shine Board part ten

The progress on the board has been very good, considering the bitterly cold weather we are experiencing in this part of Worcestershire, UK -10' at night with a high of -1' during the day. In fact it is so cold that my block of DAS modelling clay, bottles of water and vinegar-bath (I use for cleaning metal miniatures) have frozen solid!

These four work-in-progress shots show the main shrine now permanently attached to the 2 foot x 2 foot gaming tile, the wire for the lit monolith is now fed through a small hole in the base to a cut-out for the battery compartment.

The main stone area is raised on a sheet of spare foamboard (you can see it under the steps) and fixed to the main board with lots of steel pins and PVA glue. The groundwork is pre-mixed filler and PVA glue which when dry will be covered in sand and small stones. For now I have brought it into the kitchen in the hope that it will dry through and not warp.


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