Monday, 26 January 2009

Christmas 2008 Project - The Amber Shrine Board part sixteen

The next stage was to paint the rubble. I used the same paints as earlier posts and while my Wife watched Sunday night TV, I sat (quietly) at the dinning table and painted hundreds of individual stones, first Charcoal, then Medium Grey and later Pale Grey. The whole experience took about three hours, but an enjoyable three hours, not rushing and taking my time, cherishing the fact that I could paint in the house, admittedly with lots of newspaper placed on the table!

I find that this part of the project is very therapeutic and the main issue is knowing when to stop!

Photos One and Two - show the progress so far. The grey painted stones help to dilute the effect of a plain brown basecolour, as well as adding interest. I have the same effect on the Rock Kings Throne Room Board (see earlier posts).

Photos Three, Four and Five - show the effect in greater detail. Remember that once the painting and varnishing is finished I will be adding static grass and ground foam vegetation.

Photo Six - since the above photos were taken the whole board has been varnished with Galeria Acrylic Matt Varnish. I used my Paasche single action airbrush and diluted the matt varnish with water (3 parts varnish, 1 part distilled water and a drop of flow improver).

Note; For every five photos I take, I upload about three, the reasons are varied, out of focus or the same stage of construction but taken from a different angle. I would be interested to hear comments as to how many photos is the right amount for a project like this?

In addition I am attempting to finish the board before the start of February, given that I am so far behind plan, I felt I needed to 'draw a line' under this terrain project before moving into yet another month.


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Anonymous said...

A project this cool, I would like to see as many pictures from as many different angles as possible!