Thursday, 5 March 2009

Shadows over Baker Street - new tales of horror

I have always enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, in particular the short stories. This book is an anthology of twenty short stories by different authors, all with a H. P. lovecraft theme. Edited by Michael Reaves and John Pelan.

I can do no better than quote the description on the back page;
"What would happen if Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's peerless detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his allies were to find themselves faced with Lovecraftian mysteries whose solutions lay not only beyond the grasp of logic, but beyond sanity itself? In this collection of original tales, twenty of today's cutting-edge writers provide answers to that burning question."

A real 10 out of 10 read. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Each story takes the traditional Sherlock Holmes characters or Allies and pits them against the horror of H. P. Lovecraft in very original stories. A great idea and very well executed.

The stories just cry out to be gamed or used as a basis of a role playing scenario. Read and be inspired.

The details are;
Shadows over Baker Street, New tales of Horror,
Published by Del Rey, Random House Books,
ISBN 0-345-45273-9


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