Saturday, 15 May 2010

Dr Who - Venetian Vampires

No Spoilers

Last weekend I watched the Dr Who episode, Venetian Vampires, Series 5, Episode 6 and was immediately struck with the fantastic production values of the programe. Firstly the new doctor, Matt Smith is growing on me and even though I was sure I would not like him, after David Tennant. I am finding that I am enjoying his characterisation, it is a refreshing change.

The main reason for this post is that the filming and set choice (it was actually shot on location in Venice) is just fantastic and must have inspired other gamers to wonder if a Venice/Vampire based gaming scenario or setting might work as a wargame or skirmish roleplay game?

I watched the episode for a second time when repeated on the following Monday and with sketchbook in hand was furiously making sketches and notes with the view of (one day) producing a Venitian themed terrain piece.

My preferred option would either be the courtyard (seen in the background of this shot) or the pier and wall set with the city guard. For mixed themes, I have also thought about a Captain Alatriste and Vampire theme - again based in the Venice setting!

I can but dream.



Soundwave said...

I was actually really surprised by the quality of the new Dr. Who series. I'm not a huge fan of the show, but with the changes being made I can see myself becoming one!

Richard said...

I was very pleased with the episode and greatly enjoyed it. However, most of it was filmed in Croatia - far easier than trying to shut off part of Venice.

Tony said...


I would never have guessed that. Thank you for the info.


I've always wanted to visit Croatia - I've been lucky enough to work with a couple of very nice people from Croatia and - well maybe one day I'll get to see it in person.

Eli Arndt said...

If anybody can make such a game happen and look damn fine at the same time, it's you Tony.

I hope you give it a go so I can look at it longingly and feel shame at my own meager works :)


Anthony said...

If you wanted to do a Venetian building(s), either get a copy of "Assassins Creed 2", either the guidebook that came with it, or maybe use Google and you will see some amazing renderings of buildings that would be a great jumping off point for "fleshing out" your initial inspiration.

PS: Unfortunately you would have to play the game to get to Venice, but the trip would be worth it especially with the Tuscan inspiration to further get the model ball rolling.

Red Orc said...

The part of Crooatia it was filmed was a Venetian trading port in the Middle Ages, apparently. Loads of architecture that looks just like Venice, but without all the inconvenient tourists!

Pint_Glass_Crusader said...

Crooked Dice Games produce a (not) Dr. Who skirmish game. They are producing a mini of the new (not the) Doctor and (not) Amy Pond (in her policewoman/kiss-o-gram gear!)... all sculpted by Kev White...

They also have some free rules (I think?) & a scenario for download too, as-well-as PDF scenarios of the new series.

I took the plunge and pre-ordered both for my Fear & Faith game (Ganesha Games)... but I'm certainly tempted by some Dr. Who action!

Heresy Miniatures also has miniatures of that are (not) the last three versions of the Doctor and Black Tree Design still does all its old Dr. Who stuff from right back to the beginning.

I just have to wait until payday... then I'll add some more to the lead pile... then my missus will file for divorce!

Red Orc said...

I was on TerraGenesis earlier and saw somebody's take on a Gondorian port. This particular guy is from northern Italy, and he's producing something that looks very 'Venetian'.

The thread is at

Thought you might like to take a look, I think it's quite lovely and very like what you've been talking about.

Tony said...

To Red Orc

I've seen this Gondorian Port before - but not for some time, thanks for the link and I agree with you, it is very impressive.