Thursday, 13 May 2010

Mitre FFFFast by Ever Build

I have written in earlier blog entries how I use Superglue and Accelerator to build models and attach miniatures. In the past I have used a dual pack of Superglue and accelerator from Howdens (a builders merchants in the UK), however for the last year I have been using Mitre FFFFast from Ever Build, which is also a two part glue and accelerator (see below) which I feel works better.

The Glue which is a Cyanoacrylate is not labeled as Superglue, but acts in exactly the same way as other Superglues (or SG's) I have used and can be used with or without the the aerosol activator to form very strong and complete bonds. The activator will work with other SG's. I tend to buy lots of small bottles of cheap SG at £1.00 a bottle and use the more expensive SG's for special or specific jobs.

The instructions are very comprehensive and with a 500g bottle of SG and a 200ml can of activator this pack will last for some time.

I have no hesitations at all in recommending this product for model makers. It is pretty obvious from the photo - but for completeness, the pack cost £8.99.

The labeling states that Mitre FFFFast will bond MDF, Wood, Chipboard, Rubber, Metals, Most Plastics, Perspex, ceramics and much more. For more information;
Everbuild Building Products Ltd, Site 41, Knowsthorpe Way, Green Cross Industrial Est. Leeds LS9 0SW.

I would also point out that the same product is available from e-bay sellers at a wide variety of prices!



David Drage said...

Thanks for this recommendation. I had seen this stuff around but with the name "mitre fast", I had assumed it was a a wood glue (i.e. good for picture frames etc)!

I will have to pick some up next time I see it.

Rob Alderman said...

Cheers for the recommendation, I'll have to look into it. I'm running out of Superglue activator, haven't been to the shop which sells it in Banbury for years (same shop I got my first flintloque box)!!!


Tony said...

I know that shop in Banbury!


Rob Alderman said...

Trinder Bros?

Yeah, very good. I quite like Banbury, but it's certainly been a while. I think I got that Flintloque box in '97. That was the second time I ever went and I have been twice since then!!!!!!

It's in Oxfordshire, but I'm closer now, in Kenilworth than I was in Abingdon!!!!