Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Talos the Bronze Robot

My latest On-Line Build, is the robot from the Salute 2010 limited edition gift pack. My intention is to mount and paint just the robot and use it with my 40mm Flash Gordon miniature collection. To begin with, the miniature was purchased via e-bay and arrived earlier today. (I did not get around to visiting Salute 2010 earlier this year).

This On-Line Build, will detail how I modified this robot casting, mounted it and then painted it.

Photo Two - Shows the bare casting. As you can see the miniature stands just over 40mm tall.

Photo Three - The modified model robot, I cut the lower legs apart and lengthened the shins with a section of paperclip, superglued the pieces together and then the join was smoothed over with some 'Greenstuff'. Other changes include the finned helmet and re-modelled visor or right eye piece.

Photos Four and Five - The modified and based Robot. The model has additional sprue slices added to the knee joints and helmet ear pieces. The model is then superglued on to a 40mm round base which has had a small piece of sliced cork modelled in to the base with DAS modelling clay, further detailed with sieved sand and grit.

I intend painting the robot in a dark Bronze colour and calling it Talos (the bronze robot) in homage to the great Harry Harryhausen's stop-motion film, Jason and the Argonauts. More to follow.



Rob Alderman said...

Looks great, the modifications instantly change the feel of the model.

BTW, Foul-Mouth Freddy is finished and awaiting appearance on my blog...


David Drage said...

I also just picked this up off of Ebay. So I am interested to see where you go with it!

I am planning on using the figures separately to fit in with my Hydra Miniatures 28mm Pulp SciFi collection.

I like what you have done so far and I think I will probably go down a similar route.

Rob Alderman said...

Funny thing about Hydra Miniatures, the sculptor used to sculpt for Alternative Armies!
Ever feel like things go around full circle?


Jay said...

Tony, I'm continually amazed by your skill! (I have none in regards to minis.) Thank you for these great step-by-step posts.