Monday, 11 October 2010

New castings from Grand Manner - update

These are the very first resin castings of some of the NEW models from Grand Manner which I hinted at in my earlier post. First up, we have the hull of the Argo, one of my favourite models from this new batch. For more details see this link

Secondly we have The Roadside Shrine, which was based on a painting showing Wellington on the Road from Quatre Bras to Waterloo. This is one of the models that I am really looking forward to painting, for more details see link

Finally, I have included this composition showing two amphitheatre and a viewing platform. This is one of the most impressive master models I have made for Dave and when two castings are shown together, they really make an impressive scene, for more details see link

I know that Dave has updated his Grand Manner Shop with details of most (not quite all - you will have to wait for some other stunning castings) of the models and now includes costings. Please check out GM at Grand Manner

These castings were literally 'hot out of the moulds' and so still need cleaning up and roofs, sails added, but I was so impressed I sneaked these shots while Dave was busy choosing biscuits to go with the mugs of tea!



Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

All of it lovely!


painterman said...

Those castings do look great; personally love the new medievals and the Napoleonics. The merchants house is a mighty big piece seeing that price tag... will have to save up.

Tony said...

Hi Simon,

It's more about the amount of rubber needed for the mould. The Merchant's House has a fully detailed interior, floors and separate roof, all of this has to be embedded in rubber/silicone and it is this huge plug of rubber that is a major consideration in the pricing.

In addition the building is a near 100% copy of the museum building - The Merchants House based at Avoncroft Museum, Bromsgrove. It is just full of surface detail, quite possibly the most accurate model I have produced. It was a true 'labour of love'.

I am sure that you will like it when you see it in person.