Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Old Games Workshop Promotional Leaflets

In the run-up to Christmas I'll be sorting through a load of old figures and magazines which I will be selling on e-bay. In the process I came across these old Games Workshop Leaflets, the first is an eight page black and white 'magazine', while the others are just single page A4 black and white promotional leaflets. I was tempted to keep them, but have placed them on e-bay to see if they sell.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they are worth anything? Or whether there is a collectors market for such memorabilia? These three are up on e-bay this week, see; http://shop.ebay.co.uk/korgrockking/m.html

I have quite a few of these older mail-order leaflets and promotional fliers. I might decide that they are not worth keeping, but thought I'd test the water with these three to see what the reaction is.



Lamenter40K said...

Hi, I saw a link to your blog on tabletopgamingnews. I'm not sure if your catalogs are worth much but I do think they have value for collectors. If you don't have luck on ebay I'd be happy to buy them as a lot (would make shipping costs a lot cheaper I imagine). I've got old flyers and things laying around too and I hate to throw them away. Maybe some day they'll end up in a museum or something. Send me a message if you're interested at any point. Thanks!

Lasgunpacker said...

I belive they have value, but of course the auction will help you figure out how much!

I for one would love to find the booklet that first introduced me to GW, way back in 1994 or so.

Tony said...

To Lamener40K
There was a great deal of interest in the leaflets, loads of followers, but no bids.

I think I'll keep them for now, but I will keep your details, welcome to my Blog!

To Lasgunpacker
Pass on more details as to which booklet it was - If I have it, I'll get back in touch.

I think I will keep hold of the early leaflets and promotional offer sheets I have and see if the market changes.


Lamenter40K said...

Sorry I had meant to watch your auctions and possibly bid on some but it fell of my radar with the holiday tomorrow and other general everyday madness. I'll keep an eye on your blog though. Have a good one.

Lasgunpacker said...

well, it was a booklet which featured all of the then existant games, from Advanced Heroquest to Warhammer Siege. Red border, 8.5x11 format, and roughly 25 pages in length.

Space Marine and Titan Legions, and all sorts of good stuff...