Wednesday, 1 December 2010

28mm European Church from Grand Manner

A third post in one day! This time a link to my most recent 'master' model for Grand Manner - a 28mm Prussian/Germanic Napoleonic Church, for full details go to this link No price details so far, in fact it still has to be moulded and cast, but this is the largest of the European Napoleonic terrain pieces I have produced so far, a real signature piece that should help to decorate many gaming tables.

The model will come with a removable roof, a fully detailed interior and the choice of two steeples - a traditional tiled and an onion dome. There is also the option of purchasing a fitted churchyard (see above).

I think December is going to be a busy month!



BigLee said...

Seriously cool. Thats a pretty amazing bit of tabletop terrain.

cianty said...

This looks very impressive! Great work!

I am already tempted by that limited Cathedral model at Grand Manner...

painterman said...

That's really splendid - as are all the other Germanic buildings you've done - but is this one more a case of 'bedtop' not tabletop? :)

Ubique Matt said...

Great looking piece of scenery.