Friday, 17 December 2010

28mm Medieval Buildings from Grand Manner

This morning I had a phone call from Dave at Grand Manner, he has a number of the larger Medieval buildings painted and ready to be parcelled up and posted to customers prior to the Christmas break. Armed with my trusty camera, I hot-footed it across to Bromsgrove and took these photos.

Photo One - The Wealdon House with tiled roof

Photo Two - A different Wealdon House, with cream walls - again with a tiled roof.

Photo Three - Wealdon House with thatched roof.

Photo Four - The Merchant's House, with a Small Gatehouse/Gateway added to the side.

Photo Five - The European Barn.

Regular readers of this Blog will know that I produced the 'masters' for each of these buildings and there have been regular posts about the development of the masters - to mould - to raw resin castings, these painted examples are just fantastic - the first time I have seen painted examples of these larger buildings. I am sure that the new owners/customers will enjoy playing with these beautifully painted terrain pieces.

The painting was done by Dave and his daughter Kate, very well done.

It is at times like this that I really appreciate great painting. Dave has taken my plain white masters, made some truly spectacular gaming terrain and then to cap it off, painted them to this standard. I would hope that you would agree - fantastic. (OK - I should be a little more humble, having produced the masters - but I just want to go WOW!)

For full details of these and others go to Grand Manner or search this Blog for more posts detailing the work I have done for GM.


I think my favourite is The Merchant's House.


BigLee said...

They are stunning. the painting has done your designs proud.

Paul´s Bods said...

Very very nice, both in design and painting .

Ubique said...

Congrats, that merchant house is a stunner. Is it based on the building at the Avoncroft museum? I was always curious if the chimney/roof thingy detail was the same period or a later addition.


Tony said...

Thank you for all the positive comments.

the Roof louvre was added when the building was moved to The Avoncroft Museum, Bromsgrove. It is believed that this is what the roof line would have looked like when originally built.

However all of the photographic evidence of the building on its original site (Bromsgrove Town Centre) shows the building in a later form, actually a shop with a stone/brick chimney and part of a terrace.

So in answer to your question - the louvre is a best guess, and is as featured at the museum reconstruction. See;

I hope that this helps.


Al said...

Nice Blog mate, your houses are particularly good, any plan to do them in 1/72?

Tony said...

Hi Al

1/72nd? Not at this moment - sorry


WQRobb said...

It must feel great to see these come to completion like that.

Ubique said...

Hi again Tony,

Thanks for the feedback, very interesting. On my last visit to Avoncroft I read the building had traces of being painted yellow with red timbers. Our medieval/tudor ancestors certainly weren't subtle.


Tony said...

Hi Matt

If you think the English Medieval buildings were colourful - you should see some of the colour schemes the Eastern Europeans use!