Thursday 23 June 2011

40mm Skeleton Test

Having 'bitten the bullet' and painted up the two Minotaur's (see earlier post) I thought I would attempt a 40mm Skeleton. The figure is a 40mm Spartan Games (Heroes of Myth and Legend) Skeleton which I have had for some time. The sculpt is exceptionally fine, in fact (in my opinion) too fine as the legs in particular are much too thin and prone to damage. However I mounted the miniature on to an old style (Sterling) 1d coin and built up the base with Milliput and textured with fine sand. The figure is painted over a grey undercoat and uses heavy drybrushing and washes to define the detail and give the figure a very worn look.

Photo One - Shows the finished Skeleton awaiting a coat of varnish and some base flocking.

Photo Two - A work-in-progress shot.

Photo Three - A size comparison shot with the Skeleton standing alongside the Spartan Games Hero. The Hero stands 40mm (head to toe), while the Skeleton is a little taller at 44mm.

As with the earlier posts, I have attempted a very different paint scheme and technique on the Skeleton and think it works well. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.



SteelonSand said...

Beautiful work, Tony - it's that scene from Jason and the Argonauts writ large....although how can a skeleton look too thin? ;-)

Lasgunpacker said...

excellent figure, the bones do look dusty and worn, although for me, the color of the bone and tunic blend together a bit much. (that may just be due to lighting) A different colored cloak might help that issue.